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Altium Video Tutorial – Schematic Capture

Posted by in on 5-8-13

This is the second post in our Altium Designer PCB design video tutorial series.  In the first video, we created the files necessary for our PCB project.  Building on what we created in that video, we will now enter the schematics for a simple voltage break out board.  This board takes an input voltage (5V nominal) and outputs 3.3V and 1.8V.


Altium Schematic Capture Tutorial

Schematic Block Diagram


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  • Installing Libraries
  • Inserting Components in a Schematic
  • Using Net Labels
  • Wiring a Schematic



For the full resolution version of this video, you can check it out on youtube.  Also, those of you that are interested in the exact parts used in this video, take a look at the bill of materials listed below.


Parts Used


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