Intoduction to PCB Video Series

Easy to follow video walk through of everything you need to get started creating and building your own PCBs or communicating with others about them

Click Here for a taste of the material we'll cover in this easy to follow video series!

So Here's the Training Videos You Get...

  • What is a PCB?  How are they made?  What are the key vocabulary terms?

  • Step-by-step walk through of the PCB fabrication process.

  • Breakdown of the different types of layers used in PCB and why you'd want to include each type in your design.

  • The differences between the different materials commonly used in PCB design.  When would you want to use FR4?  When should you use Roger's materials?

  • Exporting Your Design for Fabrication - Creating the Proper Gerber and Drill Files for your Manufacturer

  • Submitting Your Design for Fabrication - How to Navigate the Process and Get your Board Done on Time

  • Bonus: Audio version of each video as well as text transcripts so you can enjoy the materials in whatever format you prefer ($25 value)

Total Value: $54

Today Just $29